"The freedom to be transparent with a safe group of peers was so valuable to me."  ~Sharon
"The chance to enter God's presence and shed the preconceived ideas of what that looks like is exciting." ~Cindy K.
"If I were to put this journey experience into a single word (if that’s possible), it would be freedom." ~Rachel
"This is so refreshing! Feeling like I am standing under a waterfall and it is washing me, refreshing me, re-energizing me, and grounding me deeper!" ~Tasha M.
"God is taking dynamite and planting it deep within those places where I have such a messed up view of my God. I am excited to see God in a different light, so ready for a new journey of grace." ~Sue C.
"There's something about all of this that nurtures my soul and I just desperately need this place of being real - with God, myself, others."
"It is such a holy thing my words cannot even begin to do it justice." ~Cheryl
"There is some deep healing going on in my soul." ~Judy
"Thank you for giving me the opportunity, the tools, the support and the space to walk out of a place of ill-health. God is truly in the Journey. Joining Him there has become a real lifeline for me." ~Marlece
"Slowly I am tearing down the walls and engaging fully in the adventure God has set before me." ~Coleena
"I'll never be the same." ~Judy